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Fatboy: I Don’t See Myself Ever Getting A Tatoo

Tattoos, no matter how beautiful, communicate differently to people. In conservative communities like Africa, tattoos usually hold a negative connotation.

Besides the negativity around tattoos, a study in the US proved that people with tattoos are more associated with engaging in risky behaviors than their untattooed counterparts, and tattoos come with health-related risks.

Speaking about skin tattoos on the Fatboy Show today, James Onen said he has no inclination for tattoos. According to him, tattoos look good on youthful skin but do the reverse as one ages.

I don’t see myself ever getting a tattoo because I don’t feel the need. I think people use tattoos to signal something about themselves, probably insecurity, and having a tattoo kind of shows that they are daring the danger, or it could be an act of rebellion,” Fatboy presumed.

He added that tattoos are said to comfort some victims of sexual harassment, especially women who may use tattoos to uglify their bodies because they blame it for having attracted the abuser.

Daniel, the co-host of the show, added that it could also be for intimidation mechanism that the people with tattoos use to protect themselves because the fact that someone has big tattoos shows they endured a lot of pain getting them.

However, he admitted his admiration for some tattoos saying that he always wanted to get one for himself in the form of wings on the back.

Daniel cited the health risks associated with tattoos such as skin cancer resulting from ink and skin type, as dermatologists warn.

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