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Fatboy: I Am Now More Conscious Of My Health

While talking about eating habits and lifestyle changes, RX Radio’s James Onen, also known as Fatboy, revealed how he is now more self-aware of his health and practices good eating habits. Known for his incredible weight loss transformation, under a two-year period, the Presenter lost about 30 kilograms through the Keto diet and minimal exercise.

His revelations came after his Co-host Lesham narrated an ongoing trend on Tik Tok known as ‘Fat Tok’ where overweight people were wearing their swimsuits and others on their breathing tubes showcasing the different types of food they eat.

Fatboy, shocked that the people were making these kinds of videos and even accumulating likes and comments from them, commented that some people develop unhealthy eating habits due to childhood trauma or emotional concerns.

“I was also a very heavy eater back when I was obese. Although one may not be facing childhood trauma, one could be dealing with a lot of things such as anxiety or insecurities; food then becomes your comforter and you keep on eating. Before you know it, you're an elephant,” he said.

Lesham Kenogo then confessed that she has an eating problem that is dependent on her emotions. “My eating correlates to my mood. When I am not in the mood to eat, I can even go two days without food. When I am angry I cannot eat, so I have to be in the normal positive range because when I am not, I just want to starve and be depressed.”

Fatboy then asked her whether her fat was evenly distributed or concentrated in one place, citing Rwandese women whom he said tend to have their fat concentrated in their thighs and hips. “I had my fair share of dating Rwandese women,” he commented.

Lesham answered saying, “My fat is evenly distributed, but as much as I am open minded, I am also health conscious of the stress brought about by diseases that could arise from obesity, such as heart attacks and high blood pressure. Those hospital bills can be calculated as the same amount that can buy me a Mercedes,” she joked.

Fatboy was rather thankful for the coming of the health conscious age where people advocate for healthy living, commenting, “At some point, I was gaining so much weight, and my friends would tease me about it. But to take ownership, I embraced it, it gave me a nice vibe and worked well for my radio career. Yes, I’ve kept the name and let go of the lifestyle, so the heart attack may rise from the bills, not the diet,” he concluded.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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