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Fatboy: DIvorced Women Are The Best To Date

The Fatboy Show Presenter Fatboy has said that the best women to date and find solitude in are those already divorced.

This was during the Fatboy show where Fatboy and Co-host Olive were discussing the increasing number of called off marriages to which Fatboy linked women as being the instigators since they are the ones who pressure men into marrying them.

“Women are so desperate to get married that they will accept proposals from any jerk who wants to marry, even when the person is badly behaved. Instead of being selective, they just focus on the alluring moments such as taking photographs and dressing in beautiful gowns, and so after sometime of being married when they realise that they can longer keep up with the extreme behaviour of their husbands, they decide to get divorced.”

However, Olive disagreed with Fatboy, saying that It's not only the women interested in marriage but men too, since they are the ones that propose to women. She argued that some marriages don’t last long because marriage nowadays is no longer considered a great achievement as it used to be back then.

Fatboy then responded that women blackmail and pressure men into marrying them especially when in their late twenties and stated that divorced women are the best to court since they have already experienced a wedding and marriage and so have little excitement in them.

“I've been in relationships with women of about twenty eight or twenty nine years of age and even when the relationship is moving swiftly, they would be like 'when are you marrying me?’ but when I told them It’s something I am not willing to consider, the next thing you’d see on their status is them getting engaged and married only to hear a few years later that things fell apart.”

Nevertheless, the two congratulated Star singer Cindy Sanyu and her fiance Prince Joel Atiku, who launched their wedding meetings in a party on 10 September 2021, ahead of their wedding ceremony as the couple awaits for their first baby.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy and Olive Najjuma every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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