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Fatboy: Be Mindful Of Those You Decide To Get Into Relationships With

Today on The Fatboy Show, James Onen advised listeners to carefully choose who to commit to given that their family problems can affect the relationship.

He recognized that although lovers in long-term relationships have to help each other when it comes to their challenges including their family problems, they ought to be careful when choosing who it has to be.

“Sometimes the person you might be in love with might have some major family issues like witchcraft, death threats, or genetic mental health problems. So you might want to do your research because she might be pretty and sexy but from a crazy family,” Fatboy reasoned.

To him, if a person gets to know their partner’s family well enough, they can make an informed decision to be with long-term.

However, Viola, a guest host of the show reasoned that love naturally draws someone to care about their partner and want to help no matter how serious their family issues are.

“If you love someone, you’ll get inclined to help them with their family problems by giving some advice, and sometimes you could have some extra money to help in case they have a sick parent. It is not a guarantee that you have to chip in, but helping someone with their family problems should be part of the relationship,” Viola said.

Also interestingly, Saidat, a caller on the show recognized that her partner’s family problems automatically become hers because, in her understanding, marriage is a partnership and ride-or-die thing for her.

“When you love someone, you should be willing to do anything for them. If I am not willing to take a bullet for you, I will not marry you. So whatever dysfunction, as long as there’s love, we will overcome as long as the person is also supportive,” she concluded.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, and Sarah every weekday from 6 am to 10 am on RX Radio.

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