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Fatboy: Arresting Health Workers Fighting Ebola Is Risky

After being found drinking at a bar at 11:00 pm on Sunday, police in Mubende arrested 13 health workers attached to the Red Cross for defying the guidelines set to curb the spread of Ebola.

James Onen aka Fatboy, The Fatboy Show presenter, opined that arresting the health workers that are managing Ebola in Mubende could be a dangerous move the police took.

The Presenters, Olive Najjuma and Fatboy presumed that the health workers could have been trying to relieve their stress after long days of treating and burying patients that succumbed to Ebola.

“I think it was only fair for them that after facing so much death in the day, they needed drinks because life is too short. When you look death in the eyes, you realize life is too short,” said Olive.

Although the Police in Mubende informed that the suspects were arrested from Homeland Bar in Mubende, the Head of the Red Cross in Mubende claimed the health workers were drinking from their private residence.

“I think the Police should release these guys because don’t they qualify as high-risk individuals? Fatboy wondered.

“If their job is to bury Ebola patients, I think they are high risk, and getting close to them or putting them in jail seems like a wrong move. Also, who will bury the Ebola patients in their absence?” He queried.

Given the structure of the cells, Olive thought it would be risky to put the health workers in the same cells with the other people, saying it could spur the spread of the same disease trying to be controlled.

According to Wamala Region Police Spokesperson, Rachael Kawala, the suspects will be charged with acting in a manner likely to cause the spread of the disease.

Following an escalation in Ebola cases, President Yoweri Museveni, on 15th October 2022, declared a 21 days lockdown in Mubende and Kassanda districts.

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