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Fatboy and Olive: Shutting off Social Media is Government’s biggest blunder

RX Radio’s The Fatboy Show presenters have mocked the NRM Government’s decision to switch off the social media sites for almost a month calling it the biggest blunder President Yoweri Museveni has made in recent time.

James Onen aka Fatboy and Olive Najjuma on their Thursday morning show said that decision was miscalculated and unreasonable. They likened it to a child’s tantrums after being upset!

Their sentiments come after Government on Wednesday 10th February 2021 announced that it had opened social media sites like WhatsApp, Twitter and YouTube leaving Facebook closed. The Facebook shutdown came after a number of Facebook accounts belonging to NRM bloggers were suspended shortly before the National elections with the Social Media giant claiming that it was a crackdown on misinformation and fake accounts. In retaliation, Government also blocked social media sites on the 13th January until yesterday when it decided to open some.

“It’s always wise to choose the wars you fight carefully because when you lose, it makes you look weak in the eyes of your supporters. There is no way a small country like Uganda was going to be at war with a global giant company like Facebook and win. If these social media companies banned Donald Trump, who at the time was the president of the United States and he couldn’t do anything against them, who are those NRM bloggers and are they worth the disruption and losses many Ugandans trading online suffered due to the shutdown?” Olive wondered.

On his part, Fatboy noted that opening other social media networks and leaving access to Facebook closed was just the government being petty.

“The President lost this war; it is a war he should not have been involved in, in the first place. Facebook does not get hurt if Uganda decided to limit its citizens from accessing its platform. Afterall, 98% of the Facebook users in Uganda are still accessing it using VPN. I heard the president is looking for a way to block VPN and that’s absurd. It goes to show that the president is losing some of his tolerant leadership skills he had in the past,” Fatboy said.

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