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Fatboy And Olive: It’s High Time Errant Motorists Respected Traffic Laws

The Fatboy Show presenters James Onen And Olive Najjuma have applauded Traffic and Military Police for the imminent crackdown on rowdy road users, especially people working  in government institutions.

Traffic police spokesperson Faridah Nampiima said they will be working with the Field Force Unit and military police during peak hours to target motorists with unauthorized sirens and flashlights, that frequently intimidate other road users while breaking traffic rules.

The culprits will be impounded, subjected to inspection and fines since they do not possess the right of way.

“I like the idea of focusing on peak hours. Those guys are more errant in the morning and evening,” said Olive during the show.

Her co-host James Onen said that it is logical for the President to have the right of way, to some extent, the Speaker and Chief Justice but not anyone else.

“Some Ugandans like feeling that they have airs. Everyone wants to be a village chief,” he complained.

Olive reported that many errant motorists drive recklessly and drive over pavements. “They do not respect traffic lights or wait in traffic. It's like we voters do not matter, so we are inconvenienced.”

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