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Daniel To Women: Don’t Date Broke Guys

Hear Me Out Presenter Daniel Omara has advised women not to date financially struggling men if they are planning on having long term relationships with them.

During the morning show on Saturday, Daniel encouraged women to date established men to avoid building futures they might not even be part of. He gave the advice following a tweet in which a man revealed that he would leave his girlfriend to get a woman of his league as soon as he got a better paying job. In the tweet, he continued to say that people should understand that a person can't stay with a partner just because they were there in financially challenging times since everyone has their preferences and things change.

Daniel, while acknowledging the fact that people change, said that it is a natural thing for people to outgrow certain things in life. He went on to advise women to look out for themselves in relationships.

“Ladies I'm being honest with you, don’t date a broke guy, not because he will leave you but because you don't want to make yourself a part of the dream that you may not be there to see accomplished or you'll see it accomplished and being enjoyed by someone else.”

“A lot of women attach themselves to a guy’s plans to feel like they matter, they start to foresee things and design an entire future that they might not even be part of. Sometimes they will be included in the plans accidentally because a guy might open up to them about all these plans but won't let them know what is running through their heart and their mind.”

He added ,“At the very least get someone between rich and financially stable because that is a good working area. Also learn how to take care of yourself and don’t overvalue your position in someone’s life. Do things for yourself as you do for them that you grow independently instead of viewing your growth on how well you have built someone else,” he elaborated.

He said that though loyalty in relationships is a good thing, most successful people have reached where they are because of being loyal to the right people given the world is about survival where attachment is now considered a weakness even in the entertainment industry.

More so, he concluded by saying, “men should not date when they are broke, and women should date when they are stable enough such that they do not have to depend on men.”

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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