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Daniel Omara: Top 7 Celebrity Names That Didn’t Age Well

Most Celebrities acquire stage names when they get into the music industry as a way of creating a unique brand and the need to sound cool to their audiences.

Hear Me Out presenter Daniel Omara , fashion designer Chris Kakooza, voice actor and model Esther Mahooro on RX Radio delved into some of these brands, some which didn’t quite age well while others will take a similar path in the near future.

1. Sweet kid

The presenters said that the faded singer Moses Sserwada alias sweet kid’s wasn’t meant to age because when he started his music career, he wasn't a “kid” to begin with except for his vocals that made him sound like one according to Daniel. However, they thought that MC Kats deserved the ‘kid’ name given how he has managed to keep his teenage look for decades.

2. Fille

When speaking of MC Kats, Fille can't be left out of the picture. Pronounced as Fiy, the noun translates as girl in French. Although Chris and Esther agreed that the name might still be viable, Omara thought it might be out of age now that the singer is a mum.

3. Baby Gloria

“The Baby Gloria name doesn't work anymore, I’m so sorry baby Gloria, I love you but no it doesn't work anymore,” said Esther. Daniel commented that he was glad to hear the feminine opinion because as men on the show, they understood that Baby Gloria is no longer a baby for she is now of legal age.

4. Fresh Kid

“I don’t know if I am just a hater but there’s nothing fresh about that kid,” said Chris. According to him, Fresh Kid’s music is like a science experiment gone wrong. Believing that he’s just a hater, his co hosts Esther and Daniel thought the name could survive during Fresh Kid’s music journey. Daniel said that given the number of ‘kids’ in the music industry, such as Lil baby and Da baby, Fresh kid as a name could still remain relevant to his twenties since he is still a child.

5. Fatboy

Popularly known as Fatboy, the veteran radio personality and RX Radio proprietor James Onen couldn’t escape the list. He got his radio name Fatboy as a result of his weight back as a presenter at Sanyu FM . But after his incredible weight loss that completely altered his appearance, many are now contending the viability of ‘Fatboy’ as his media brand. The presenters admitted that having lost weight, Fatboy’s brand name was no longer relevant but also recognized that he “looks good”. Daniel argued that perhaps James Onen is keeping his popular Fatboy name because it's one he has been known by throughout his 20 year old career.

6. The Dees

Due to the cultural evolution of the music industry, Daniel Omara said that withered names of musicians such a Raga Dee, Mega Dee, and Ziggy Dee ran out of trend and slowly did their possessors

7. Bobi Wine

Given his political ambitions and aspirations, the presenters thought that Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’s celebrity name Bobiwine hasn’t aged well. They rather thought that it was wise that Bobiwine had changed to his real name while in the pursuit of Presidency.

Wondering how to overcome celebrity name expiry, the presenters proposed that it is wiser for media personalities to create names that will last with them during their careers or stick to their real names in order to remain relevant throughout their careers.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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