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Daniel Omara: Mao Is Politically Frustrated

After launching a full scale virtual war against the National Unity Platform, Democratic Party leader Nobert Mao has increasingly become vocally aggressive against the Kamwokya based Party which he accuses of being hypocritical and associates of the Government.

Earlier this month, Mao said he was ready to be a one-man army that will continue to expose the feign NUP political figures of the “shadow state” aimed at delaying change while masquerading as opposition.

According to RX Radio Presenter Daniel Omara, Mao has lived long enough in politics to become a frustrated political villain instead of a hero.

“This is what it comes down to; ‘I tried, I failed, let me get mine in whatever way I can now.’ Because Mao has been in politics for as long as the ruling party has been in power. Since he was in university, he has been participating in active politics and everyone is like one day, Mao, one day you will get what you want. Now 30 years worth of one days, that's a lot of time to figure out that what you're chasing is not working,” he said.

Omara was sharing his thoughts about Mao's self-proclaimed war against NUP to unmask the party as a controlled opposition during The Fatboy Show with James Onen also known as Fatboy.

He continued that Mao insisting on politics has only been counterproductive to his emotional wellness and his health that even forced him to step down during the 2016 elections. This according to Omara changed Mao’s political personality and he is now using the blame game to fight those he sees as opponents.

Fatboy rather wondered whether Mao’s consistent attacks gave credence to what some people claimed- that the politician was being used as a mole by the Government to weaken opposition from uniting against a common cause.

However, Mao in several interviews has discarded this argument saying that he only gets photo moments with NRM and not money like NUP.

The DP leader has also accused NUP of being a tribal-led group influenced by provincialists in the Buganda region whom he said has been criticizing the Government for flying out Parliament Speaker Jacob Oulanyah because he was a northerner, yet the directions were given by the President.

In the wee hours of February 3rd 2022, Oulanyah in critical condition was flown to Seattle, USA for specialized treatment. It is alleged that the Government paid Uganda Airlines 500,000 dollars for an 18-hour chartered flight to transport the Speaker from Entebbe International Airport on the Airbus A330-800.

In his argument, Daniel said, “People are criticizing the Speaker Jacob Oluanyah and the amount that was spent on him. Mao is calling it tribal, but listen, it's not the money, it's the cost. This money could have constructed a couple of hospitals because post-pandemic, you're flying out one person for 1.5 billion shillings! People are going to critique that especially in a country with 75 percent of the citizens being omuntu wa wansi. It's not tribal but he is pushing that agenda and Mao has always had better arguments than this, so I am in shock.”

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive and Sarah every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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