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Daniel Omara: Kim Kadarshian Was Right- Many Are Poor Because Of Laziness

Ironically, right after Women’s Day on March 8th, celebrated media personality and billionaire Kim Kardashian advised fellow women in business to stop being lazy and to work hard if they want to be successful.

Seconded by her sister Khloe, Kourtney and mother Kris Jenner, Kim made the remarks during a shoot with Variety for their new Hulu Series. “I have the best advice for women in business. Get your f**king ass up and work. It looks like nobody wants to work these days,” she said.

Although many reprimanded her for calling out women that are not as equally successful for being lazy, RX Radio’s Daniel Omara wasn't one of them as he sided with the multi-billionaire’s sentiments.

“I cannot disagree with the statement itself, it may not be the reason why someone is poor but a lot of people are poor because they are lazy. However, no one wants to hear it come from someone like Kim,” he said.

According to Daniel, although the socialite’s climb to success was through a leaked sex tape of her and Singer Ray-J, instead of letting it damage her and her family’s reputation, she used it to her advantage to build a successful career.

Just like Daniel, his Co-host James Onen popularly known as Fatboy, conceded with the argument saying that unlike other people that attempted to replicate Kim’s claim to fame and failed for instance Montana Fishburne, Kim was able to leverage her sex tape and build her brand on it.

Furthermore, he acknowledged that Kim used her fame to catapult her sister’s careers who are also now worth millions of dollars.

Daniel added, “I think I understand what she meant when she said you're poor because you're lazy. The funny thing is that a motivational speaker could have said the same thing and people would have labeled it good advice. Because the truth is most broke people are lazy and lazy is just you being in your comfort zone.”

Fatboy went on to explain that most genuinely rich people have worked hard for their successes, citing Elon Musk as being an individual who toils extremely hard. He also stated that the youth are being brainwashed by quick money-making schemes.

However, the Presenter noted that most successful media personalities and influencers such as Sheila Gashumba rarely display what they do to finance their lavish lifestyles but instead flood social platforms with pictures of merry making, thus making the concept of making money seem easy.

“People may not appreciate the fact that she works hard herself to obtain the success that she has. Do you think part of the problem is that she makes it look easy?” He asked. “When Sheila tweets that work hard or hustle hard, it is kinda hard to see what she does behind the scenes to make that money. We see the fruits but not the challenging aspects.”

Acknowledging this as necessary, Daniel mentioned that changing people's millennial mindset is crucial in becoming successful as well as understanding that people who were privileged also had to work hard to get to where they are.

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