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Consistent Enthusiasm Has Kept My Business going For 23 Years -Jane Baine

Creator of Sleek and Slender Jane Baine has revealed that keeping up the same energy towards her business has made it stand for 23 years.

She made the remark while appearing at RX Radio’s The Groove Cafe hosted by Crystal Newman as she was talking about her weight loss journey that led her to the Sleek and Slender idea.

Before Sleek and Slender, Baine was a stay home mum that saw her add weight of over 20 kilograms, making her feel unhappy about her outlook.

“These 20 kilograms first of all took away my self esteem, they were making me sick. It was like carrying a child of maybe 8 or 10 years and you are carrying it all day and even at night when you are sleeping, you feel the weight. You go to bed feeling tired and wake up feeling tired and I didn’t know what to do,” she said.

Despite her efforts to shake the weight off, Baine said that she gained even more. Baine reported that one day as she was looking at herself in the mirror, she was propelled to do whatever it took to see her weight reduce.

“One day (and this was my turning point), I was looking at myself in the mirror sideways and I didn't like what I saw. I even talked loudly and said I am not going to spend the rest of my life looking like this lady in the mirror. I was like I’m done, I’m not going to be looking like diikula,” she said.

After trying and failing at different exercises such as gyming and swimming, Baine said that during one of her travels, she came across toning tables. She made a covenant with God saying that if she got them to her home country, she would serve the Lord for the rest of her life.

“I think this is the reason why Sleek and Slender has been here for 23 years. Every single day, I am tuned into this business. A lot of people begin their businesses with a lot of enthusiasm and then in three years, the enthusiasm just dies then the business follows. The enthusiasm that I had 23 years ago is the same I had even this morning when I jumped out of bed,” she said.

Baine’s Sleek and Slender is a fitness and wellness center that uses machines such as toning tables to help people lose undesired weight and putting their structures in shape such as bellies and buttocks without having them to strain with hectic exercises and stressful diets.

Away from her machine exercise business, Baine says she has pursued courses about health and fitness, attending World Health Conferences to create an impact on other people.

Today, Baine says that her business has evolved into nutrition and wellbeing, stress management, attitude adjustment, medical screening advocacy, health empowerment, psychological and psychosocial training all extended to the clients whose results they can attest to.

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