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Caroline Bema To Fatboy: Let's Get Married.

Creator and Admin of the RX Radio Fans Group on Facebook, Caroline Bema, has proposed that she and James Onen, commonly known as Fatboy, should get married.

This was during today morning on The Fatboy Show on RX Radio where she was being hosted by Fatboy the second time. Her first appearance was over a year ago- the day that The Fatboy Show made its first debut in November 2020.

An ardent supporter of RX Radio, Caroline Bema recently posted a tempting video of her dancing on Facebook. Many members went ahead to tag Fatboy, asking him to “come and see his wife.”

Today on the show, Caroline admitted to being a naughty person on social media but with a different personality off the platform. “Some people have loved me and others have hated me but I really don't care,” she said.

In reference to the Facebook comments, Caroline said, “But Fatboy, why don't we get married? Marry me and we’d please the world,” she said as they both dissolved in laughter. Fatboy, in response, said, “Well if we got married, I think our Facebook group would just explode.”

The Facebook group, that brings together nearly 30,000 fans of RX Radio, is characterized by hot, thrilling content, sometimes explicit, with a number of hypersexual members whose topics of interest however do not reflect the views of RX Radio in general.

Fatboy implored Caroline to explain why the group had strayed to this kind of content that made it a “Mama Tendo lite” version.

“We gave a lot of freedom to people to discuss whatever they wanted and that made us deviate from the initial intention of supporting RX Radio but then, we didn't want to be the kind of administrators that control what has to be discussed. I don't know if we should start doing that because we have really deviated from promoting RX Radio,” she said.

Fatboy, in response, confessed that he had mixed feelings about posting content controversial to that of the radio which offends some people. However, he believes it’s better if people were allowed to express themselves freely.

Caroline, seconding freedom of expression on the page said, “But people are looking for an avenue to let out their stress. Especially at the time of its formation when people were under total lockdown, unable to work and children at home. So I think people in the group are given a chance to express themselves without being judged and talking about matters they can't freely discuss anywhere else.”

In her closing remarks, she encouraged group members by saying, “Keep surviving and to keep sane because in this world we can't tell what is going to happen today or tomorrow. So keep safe and survive.”

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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