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Brendaline: I Don't Mind Sharing My Man As Long As I’m The Main Chic

A friend of The Fatboy Show, Brendaline made it clear on the morning show that she doesn't mind sharing her lover with another woman even though it would break her heart at first.

Brendaline narrated that if she found out that her man is cheating on her, she would first cry the hurt out and then decide whether or not she wants to stay.

“After crying and getting it out of my system, I can think clearly like okay, do I still want to be with him? Am I comfortable sharing this man with another woman or should I walk away?”

Fatboy, amused, said, “wait, you would actually consider sharing?”

“Yes, I don't mind sharing as long as I’m like the main person. If I realize that this is the kind of woman I can work together with, we can both help this man, and build together, I will probably consider it because sometimes we need help with men. Sometimes men are stressing. If you can get someone to help you and you have some time to yourself, cool. But that's if you connect,” Brendaline reasoned.

Unlike Brendaline, a lot of women won't take the news of hearing or catching or knowing that their men are cheating as a piece of cake. In fact many will attack the side chics instead of their spouses or husbands.

Fatboy curiously asked Brendaline what goes through a woman’s mind once she finds out that her boyfriend or husband is cheating.

“Am so glad that we are having this conversation on world’s egos day because everything goes back to egos. A lot of times when we find out that we have been cheated on, there are feelings of betrayal, anger, because we feel like our egos have been attacked.

“If I know myself as your wife and so does everyone else, first I am thinking, you're embarrassing me, and at that point it's not going to be about our relationship but how you've made me feel and now it's going to be an issue of who is better? Because the first thought that will come to most women is comparison, is she better than me? What does she do that I don't?” Said Brendaline.

She explained that as a result, most women will attack their husband’s/ boyfriend’s side chic because they want to find out what she has done that they don't.

According to Brendaline, if a side chic is more beautiful than the main woman, the initial lover’s ego is more broken and when she isn't, she will try to find how to fix the relationship and where she went wrong.

She noted that although most times men will apologise and provide assurance of being better, not every woman will forgive their partner for cheating.

“There are two types; if you are the knd who can forgive, forgive and move on because we are not perfect, if you can't, it's better you move on otherwise you're going to kill yourselves in the house,” she concluded.

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