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At 360 Degrees, We Believe Creativity Is Key - 360 Degree Emcees Co-founder Joseph Rwabutomize.

According to Joseph Rwabutomize, the creative art of emceeing is the reason behind the success of events, be it birthdays, baby showers, weddings, or introduction ceremonies.

In the same way, an event can be ruined by a careless emcee, that is why the demand for professional emcees increases day by day.

Even as talent is key, Joseph Rwabutomize, the co-founder of 360 Degrees, a school training professional emceeing and public speaking, recognizes that confidence to speak to large crowds is not the sole fundamental to emceeing.

“Many people think anyone who can talk can emcee. People holding functions can trust a talkative relative or a friend with their event. They forget that every event has a cost. Whether an introduction, wedding or corporate event, an emcee makes or breaks the event,” he explained.

Rwabutomize, while having a chat with Crystal Newman on the Groove Cafe at RX Radio, emphasized that no matter how bad a function’s decoration, food, or anything else is, if an emcee is good, guests will notice and credit.

Rwabutomize, the author of The Art Of Creative Emceeing, believes that an emcee should be versatile and have knowledge of event planning.

“The role of an emcee cuts across, a guest can ask you for water, chairs, or anything else. So preparation is important to an emcee. They research to understand what happens before, during, and after the event. That's why as 360 Degrees, we believe that creativity is key because a creative person can think round the box in any situation,” he explained.

Unlike then, Rwabutomize is convinced that now, even in the absence of music, creative emceeing thrives. “We believe in creativity, fun, engagement. Professionalism, dress code, the type of jokes you make, and financial discipline are key.

360 degrees Academy began in 2020 and has graduated more than 40 people in the field of emceeing and public speaking. Joseph Rwabutomize holds a passion for human entertainment, growth team building, and teaching.

He is the co-founder of 360 Degree Academy, writer of the book The Art Of Creative Emceeing, and CEO of BluePrint leadership group of training, corporate strategy, marketing, and team building company. He is an electrical Engineer by profession currently working with Umeme.

The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman airs every Weekday from 4-5 pm on RX Radio.

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