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Youth MP Phiona Nyamutoro: I would be a dancer if I wasn't a politician

Newly-elected Female National Youth Member of Parliament Phiona Nyamutoro has revealed she would probably be a dancer if she wasn't a politician. In a chat with Crystal Newman during The Groove with Crystal on RX Radio, Nyamutoro who subscribes to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party revealed that in her free time, she likes to dance, read and go swimming with friends. "I also love making friends; I can make friends with anyone and I guess that's why I have been able to work with people," Nyamutoro said during the Thursday show. Nyamutoro also advised young people planning to engage in active policts to believe in themselves despite what everyone else says. "When I wanted to stand as an MP, my family members went to my parents and asked them to advise me to step down and stop embarrassing myself. They told me I could not make it and should probably try a smaller position but because I believed myself and knew what I wanted, I persevered and made it. Do not give up on your dreams at whatever cost," Nyamutoro said. On challenges that she has faced as a young female politician, Nyamutoro noted females are still looked at by majority of men as sex objects and often, her ideas are not listened to because she is female. Nyamutoro beat other 12 contestants to become the National Youth MP. She polled 296 votes, followed by Prima Tukamushabe who got 66 votes.

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