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Women Shouldn't Be Dependants Of Men - Prossy Mwanjuzi, Mbale RCC

During the graduation ceremony of the Global Institute of Information, Technology and Business (GIIT) Makerere, the Mbale Resident City Commissioner Prossy Mwanjuzi advised the ladies not to get married before making their own money.

She further re-echoed the statements in an phone interview with RX Radio’s James Onen aka Fatboy where she asserted that women need to have their own money to avoid becoming dependent on men in marriages.

“It's good to first make money before you go into marriage because a relationship with money is enjoyable. Do you know how good it is when you surprise your loved one or cover bills at home? For us women, it is not good to be dependent on your partner. Let's not rush into marriage without anything,” she advised.

She further gave an example of Hon. Robinah Nabbanja, the Prime Minister and Jessica Alupo, the Vice President whom she refered to as successful women.

However, Fatboy asked her if this advice wouldn’t divert women’s attention to focusing on making money and on getting rich in the long run, discarding marriages.

He argued that, “A lot of women these days are performing better than men financially and its already causing problems in marriages. So as you encourage women to make money, they will make it, get married but what happens after is marital strife. Because the woman will believe she’s the boss of the marriage since has more money.”

But the RCCsaid that, respect and submission come automatically when a woman loves her husband.

“Nature is nature. As it is written in the Bible, women are meant to be submissive to their husbands, that's how it's supposed to be. So no matter how you may be loaded, the man remains a man,” she maintained.

Asked if the financially stable women wouldn't then make bad choices of marital partners knowing that they will be able to take responsibility of the family even if a man is lazy, Ms. Mujuzi then stated that those men would cease being men.

“Those men that are being looked after aren't real men. I said that it is sweet when you surprise your husband one day by covering bills on an outing, not that every time you have to but once in a while let him come back home when you have bought some nice shoes for him or some good food or when you have changed some things at home,” she said.

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