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Women Need to Set More Realistic Standards - Daniel Omara

Earlier today on Hear Me Out, Presenter and Comedian Daniel Omara, criticized fellow men for blindly giving in to the high relationship standards being set by women in marriage.

Daniel made the statements following a tweet he saw on social media about a married woman who was applauding her husband for buying her gifts on his birthday. The tweet said; ‘My man understood the assignment, he bought me these presents on his birthday.’

Omara, seemingly disturbed by the Twitter post, wondered why a man would gift his wife, on his own birthday, when it's the only day he gets to celebrate in the whole year. “Look, it's not that I am ranting because I'm broke or single but this is my special day,” he joked, adding “and then I am the one to buy you gifts when I’ve done the same on Valentines, our anniversary, Women’s Day?”

“I think that this is why people say marriage benefits women. Sincerely with all these days celebrated in her awe, why would a man still be the one to gift his woman on his own birthday?” Omara wondered.

Additionally, he said that these kinds of trends set standards in other people’s relationships since most women often compare their relationships and compete with others. “Is this what marriage has come to? Because I saw a lot of married women tagging their husbands telling them to take an example!”

Omara went on to say, “I know that it's not my marriage or money but this is about the bar this guy has set that he will have to continuously maintain.”

“I’ve always told guys to take care of themselves before they take care of women. It's not fair that we are expected to care for others before ourselves. And ladies, for once buy your man something nice and pleasant to them if you want your relationship to last. Do not just be expectant and stuck to providing intimacy on his birthday, get something he would really love and gift him because relationships always have to be a two way street,” he advised.

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