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When Searching for Love, You’ll Attract What You Are- Life Coach

Certified love Coach Nakitto Teddy aka Teddy Banks has advised ladies dating and those searching for love to have realistic expectations about the type of partner they would like to be with.

According to Banks, in her experience trying to help women navigate the dating world, she realized that most of them have an image of the type of men they want to date with expectations that are often one-sided.

“Most ladies want good men and have a picture of the ideal man they want to date, however, they are not putting in the work. You need to attract what you are, it's not going to happen magically. Because even if a good man comes into your life and you’re not a good woman, you’ll lose him.”

She made the remarks while in an interview with RX Radio’s Crystal Newman on The Groove show.

“The best thing to do is work on yourself first and know if you can really date you; ask yourself, ‘Am I really worthy of the love that I want?’ For instance, what do you have to offer? You want a loyal guy but you’re a cheater, you want someone financially stable but you don’t have a job yourself. I think it's not fair. I believe that if you want something good, you have to work for it. “

Banks’ life coach journey began during the outbreak of Covid-19 while in Dubai after she got laid off from work due to the negative impact of the pandemic on businesses.

Having all the free time to scroll through social media, she got inspired by Matthew Hussey, an American relationship coach that she said provided very relatable dating advice. Also noticing the increasing numbers of failed marriages and relationships, Banks said that since she was one of the people that couldn’t run to a friend for relationship advice but rather seek it on the internet, she decided to help others using the same means.

“So I wanted to help a girl out there who is struggling or who wants to date with purpose but doesn't know how to start,” she said.

Banks says to help young women with the struggles in their relationships, she uses social media to teach others from her personal experiences, explaining how joyful and satisfied she feels after impacting a life.

“I make content about love on social media platforms which I share from my personal experiences. Of course being a life coach doesn’t exempt me from love problems. I do get them sometimes in my marriage. I share with the world both online and in physical meetings,” she said.

Banks added, “I’ve been able to see growth from the ladies I’ve spoken to and nothing gives me more pleasure than getting testimonials from the people that I’ve helped. I’m getting referrals, and it has made me so happy because this is not about having a job or the fees I charge. It's about how I change someone’s life and make them feel at the end of the day.”

In her efforts to help young women have successful relationships, Crystal asked the love coach about the common mistakes that most women make when they get into relationships.

She responded that most times women criticize their partners without checking their behavior that may have contributed to the altercation or problem. “It's very easy to blame our partners without checking ourselves to find out what is being done wrong and finding compromise. The next thing is that many times we think that if one relationship doesn’t work out, we'll get into another forgetting that you will be also dating a human being.”

She advised women to be self aware and work on developing oneself first, saying that one can’t be in a bad relationship if they are good and know what they want.

Nakitto Teddy holds a certificate in life coaching and says that having to help others in achieving successful relationships gives her purpose and fulfillment.

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