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When I Embraced My Occupation As A Stay At Home, It Worked For Me- Joy Kezia Musisi

After having her first child, Kezia Joy Musisi remembers feeling lost and questioning her decisions regarding parenthood. Seeing her peers chase careers dressed in fine suits while she

was stuck at home with a baby and husband unwilling to help her with child-rearing made her even more depressed.

“I was a first time mum and everything was new to me. Postpartum, I stayed at my mum’s house for the first three months. I just kept going over and over again that I was now a mum. And now going back home, I wouldn't get over the fact that my husband wouldn’t help with our baby. He kept telling me that he wasn't the person for it and proposed to get me a person to help. It took me a while and I struggled alone,” Kezia recounted.

“He reminded me that he wasn't a person too fond of kids and I usually saw this with his siblings’ kids. But it took me a while to come to terms with it. I felt so bad and alone. I felt sad for a year, I had no friends and now they were all in a different space.”

She continued, “And there would be those relatives who would meet you at a wedding and ask you ‘what are you doing now?’ I'd feel so uncomfortable saying I was a stay at home mother because they would then remind you of all the education you attained and how your parents struggled to put you through it. But now, I have developed a thick skin. After having my second baby, the nurse asked me to fill a form and on the occupation I put stay at home mum. When the nurse argued that it was not an occupation, I argued that it was.”

Realizing that she could still remain productive even as a stay at home mum, Kezia says she started doing content creation talking about long distance relationships and motherhood providing chore hacks and guides to motherhood and relationships.

“Society has put us in a position where being a stay at home mum is derogatory and yet people are out there thriving. I know so many people thriving as stay at home mums but you won't even believe it because they are always out slaying and hanging out. So I actually like to show people that it's possible to stay at home and run a business if you want to. There are stay at home mums I talked to that started to use their professions at home for instance tutoring and doing courseworks for other people. You just find something you're good at and make money out of it,” she advised.

Kezia said that she has devised a schedule and homely routine for her chores and now has time to create content for her social media and create guides to help other stay at home mums be even more productive at home.

“My typical day starts at 3 a.m. I do my morning devotion prayer until 5 a.m. At 5, I'm at the sink doing laundry and cleaning where I need to clean such that by 9a.m, the only thing I have to attend to is my kids. Food is ready from breakfast to dinner and all we have to do is microwave. From there, I'm able to give undivided attention to the kids and then of course checking social media once in a while to post and keep track of analytics, feedback and attending to business calls,“ she said.

Kezia studied law but never practiced it saying that she was later bored by the course despite being something she had always wanted to be from childhood.

“Since I was a child, the only thing I wanted to be was a lawyer. And then life just gives you a hard knock and realized I didn’t want to do it. So my very first job before even I graduated was Public Relations at Nanjing restaurant.”

Kezia said that she did public relations and television presenting at UBC TV before she conceived her first child. She has since been in the profession of a stay at home mum for the past 3 years.

She is also the owner of Styled By MINT and said she started the business during the lockdown of 2020 that deals in thrifted children's outfits. Kezia creates content encouraging success for stay at home moms, long distance couples & lifestyle.

She released her first of 7 editions of the Slay At Home guides that has routines, meal plans and a timetable for home chores. She plans on releasing a financial guide in May for women that want to ‘secure the bag.’

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