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We Started The Rolex Guy With 12 Different Recipes - Rolex Guy Founders

Appearing at the Groove Cafe on Tuesday evening, The Rolex Guy founders Andrew Oire and Emmanuel Jonathan Okello revealed that the idea was birthed and kicked off with 12 recipes.

The Rolex is a Ugandan delicacy street food served as fried chapati combined with eggs, tomatoes, onions, and cabbage. However, the creators of The Rolex guy decided to hit the market with new recipes for Ugandans to try out with exciting names to describe the content in the wraps.

Emmanuel said they came up with alternative Rolex recipes after visiting Jinja and tasting a Rolex with a different one.

“When I tasted the alternative Rolex from the ordinary and returned to Entebbe, we found this space, and that is when the idea of alternative Rolexes hit me, and we started with 12 types,” said Emmanuel.

Even though they had got the place and had ideas of what they wanted, they had not figured out the alternative ingredients to include in the different Rolexes. Interestingly, they only tasted the recipes after opening the space.

Currently, the outlet serves at least 18 Rolex types, most notably the Safari, beast, curry me, and sausage affair, among others.

“In the beginning, since it was a new concept, it was not welcomed, as we expected people to come on the initial opening. We had friends come over to try it out, and many were surprised about the spot because they thought it was a usual stand, but they would be surprised the space was very different,” said Andrew.

Fortunately, he noted that since then, client retention has been great because of their customer service and their reception of feedback.

They, however, had to scrap off some recipes from the menu because they did not sit well with some customers.

“I have a memory of a fruit Rolex. It was a chapati wrap with eggs, bananas, mangoes, and a little watermelon, all wrapped together. We had some people buy it just as the Bon vegetarian that had Makati in it for specifically vegetarians. We passed through so many processes of trial,” Emma revealed.

The Rolex Guy is located in Entebbe because it also targets tourists as the Rolex destination in Uganda. They also do deliveries. Soon, a Burger Ninja is to hit the menu.

The duo also co-founded the Bike Xperience, which offers bicycle tours around Entebbe.

The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman airs every Weekday from 4-5 pm on RX Radio.

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