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We Have The First Ever Rectangular Pizza - Pizza Hut

Last year Pizza Hut Introduced the first ever meter-long rectangular Big Boss Pizza in Uganda. The Big Boss comes in three different flavors, all giving a perfect taste of its richness. The juicy Big Boss costs 59,000 shillings at all Pizza Hut Outlets.

In its new promotion, Pizza Hut also introduced ‘Any Two Mediums’ where a client gets any two medium-rich pizzas at only 40,000 shillings.

The Pizzas can be ordered via Jumia or Glovo apps and delivered straight to the client’s location. One can also directly order by contacting Pizza Hut at 0785225089.

Speaking to the Head of Operations at Pizza Hut Mr. Kinene Richard Bans, he said they are delighted to serve Ugandans with their favorite flavoured pizzas such as the Barbeque Pizza marinated with chicken, onions, and topped with barbeque sauce. This and the Pepperoni Pizzas are Ugandans’ favorites as reported to him by the clients.

Pizza Hut also sells the Tandori Chicken Supreme, a spicy vegetable/ beef Pizza, and The Sweet Chili, a delicious pizza with a taste of sweetness and chili. Depending on the customer's wish, the Pizzas are served in thick or thin crusts.

Mr. Kinene revealed that he prefers the Tandori because of its spiciness. Customers can also order via

To listen to the podcast of Mr. Kinene Richard Bans elaborating more about Pizza Hut's new promotions, click on the link below.


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