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We Believe Body Cameras Will Be A Game Changer In KCCA's Law Enforcement - KCCA

The Kampala Capital City Authority spokesperson Robert Kalumba affirmed that the procured body cameras would be a game changer in the monitoring of the activities of its law enforcement officers.

KCCA introduced body cameras for its 120 field officers following numerous citizen complaints about the brutality and impropriety of officers on duty while enforcing the Smart City strategy.

The Executive Director of KCCA Dorothy Kisaka mentioned that the body cameras will capture the activities of the enforcement officers which will help rebuild trust between them and citizens.

He said these will also help create transparency in the activities of their officers and put them to account for any misdeeds.

Expounding on the significance of the body cameras, KCCA's spokesperson Robert Kalumba noted that there have been various complaints regarding the work of the enforcement officers and the body could hardly monitor them.

"So we thought of body cameras. They will monitor and police this group because they are our frontline ambassadors. Yes, they do a good job because they enforce the law and their job description comes with a little force, but some exceed that line. The body cameras will help solve that issue," he posited.

"This will be a game changer in KCCA's reputation like in the US, where it became a game changer in the activities of police. Likewise, in our activities, people will know that we intend not to harm because we have our officers on supervision," he assured.

The cameras will help in recording footage of the activities of law enforcement officers during their work in the field.

These will provide real-time coverage that will be reviewed by the KCCA surveillance team. The surveillance team will know if the cameras are switched off or removed by the user. These cameras will also provide evidence during investigations that will help its legal department in case of legal encounters where the officers will be required to be penalized in case of their wrong deeds.

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