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We Are In A Military Dictatorship That Is Now Turning Into A kingdom -Miria Matembe

On The Brunch Talk Show today, former Ethics and Integrity Minister Dr. Miria Matembe urged Ugandans to rise up and fight the Muhoozi Project that is aimed at turning Uganda’s leadership into a Kingdom.

Matembe explained that Ugandans have heard and witnessed the reality of the Muhoozi project but have still failed to act since September 15,1992, when President Museveni together with members of the Basiita clan allegedly decided to rule Uganda by dynasty for 50 years.

“Every Ugandan has been hearing about this project but their ears have been closed. Like the Bible says, “they have ears but cannot hear.” Now God wanted to further open their eyes by bringing their birthday celebrations as a launch for the Muhoozi Project for the Presidency of Uganda and if Ugandans’ eyes remain closed then we confirm that they have ears but can't hear,” Matembe said.

She made the statements in response to the significance of the 48th birthday celebrations held by the first son Lt. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba at Lugogo Cricket Oval last weekend.

The topic which sparked debates on the General’s favorite social media platform Twitter, turned up hundreds of youths, government officials, UPDF senior cadres and Ugandan artists such as Chameleone and Bebecool who performed at the public event.

Matembe in argument on the birthday fete being a strategic political preparation campaign further quoted a tweet in which President Museveni said that he is patient with the corrupt but Muhoozi wouldn't tolerate corruption, indirectly pointing to who would succeed his position.

According to Matembe this hereditary system of leadership has been evident for even other electoral positions such as the Omoro county MP seat to which Oulanyah’s son Andrew Ojok is being fronted to replace his father.

“Uganda first of all is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship. Secondly, what we call democracy is not even elective. We have a military dictatorship and what is coming now is the kingdom because even when kingdoms were being reinstated, President Museveni refused to reinstate the kingdom of Ankole because he could not stand another leader respected and honored more than himself,” Matembe asserted.

She therefore appealed to Ugandans to change their attitude towards politics and to stop being fearful of President Museveni.

Quoting Galatians 3:1, she asked Ugandans who bewitched them into becoming complacent with an oppressive rule.

“Please Ugandans, stop seeing yourself as grasshoppers in the eyes of Museveni Sabalwanyi because when he came to fight, if Ugandans had never joined them, he would have never won. After winning, he discarded everybody, does not respect Ugandans. So I want to tell Ugandans, get up, abandon fear, pick faith and with our God, we shall defeat the project.”

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