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Viola: The Mbarara Bride Will Never Heal From Being Arrested On Her Wedding Day

Shocking events happened last weekend when police officers in Mbarara stormed Christine Natuhwera’s wedding and arrested her for allegedly stealing 8 million shillings from Mirembe Henry, her former employer.

According to reports, Christine was working as a bank agent but made a loss of 8 million shillings to which Mirembe filed a suit. The court however dismissed it due to lack of evidence.

It is said that the unsatisfied Mirembe sought to embarrass Natuhwera which he eventually did while she was at her wedding reception at Kakiika Technical Institute with the aid of four police officers.

“This is very traumatic, I do not think she will ever heal from that, “said Viola, a guest host of the show. She added that the Police should have arrested Natuhwera before or after the wedding because she did not steal but made a shortage at her former workplace.

James Onen alias Fatboy opined that perhaps Mirembe thought the bride had used the money to fund her wedding ceremony and decided to disrupt it.

Viola added that the complainant should have settled the misunderstanding with Natuhwera long before the wedding.

“Maybe the guy liked her, and then she dumped him but he kept the grudge waiting for an opportune moment to embarrass her,” she thought.

While addressing the media yesterday, Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said that Police condemned the act and had so far arrested and detained two of the officers while searching for the remaining two still on the run.

The officers will face public nuisance and professional misconduct charges in the courts.

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