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Viola: Intelligent Women Have A Hard Time Finding Love Because They Intimidate Men

The more women have attained Bachelors and Masters degrees, the harder it is for them to find love in this modern era.

Giving her views on why the so-called 'smart' women find difficulty choosing a lifelong partner, Viola, a guest host of The Fatboy Show says that most men are intimidated by this class of women, and end up dissociating from them.

“Women that have their life or career together usually turn off men because men naturally want to control women. When a woman seems a bit rebellious, for example, knowing what she wants and when she wants it done, it makes some men feel bad because she is a woman hard to control,” Viola opined.

In her own experience, she said that most times, she has difficulty in dating because most men can’t seem to meet her level of reasoning even when she tries to bend it for a bit.

James Onen in contrast opined that intelligent women get a hard time finding a significant other because they tend to have huge egos.

“They refuse to be submissive to a man no wonder, many men can’t date them for a long time or can not deal with them at all,” he explained.

Brian a participant on the show aligned with James’ opinion and said that many intelligent women are not submissive even when the bible clearly states.

“God saw that women need to submit because the moment they don't, they become equal to a man in the family, yet the man is a leader no matter how much money she has. Today, we have reached that point where a woman with a lot of money wants to be the leader of the home,” he said.

He added that if a woman positions herself ready to be a wife, she will attract men who need to start a family.

Agatha, another caller on the show said that most men lack depth and do not educate themselves for leisure but focus on making better bodies and money, which makes intelligent women bored with them.

“I’d advise intelligent women to keep an open mind and learn how to compliment their partners in other ways like good morals. There is always something another person can offer other than only bringing money to the table because women nowadays make money too,” she said.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, and Sarah every weekday from 6 am to 10 am on RX Radio.

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