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Viola: Countries Want To Get Rid Of Vaccines By Carrying Out Forceful Vaccination

Earlier today on The Fatboy Show, guest host Viola Kusasira, when giving her thoughts on vaccine mandates, mentioned how some countries are trying to get rid of huge batches of vaccines even after recognizing that they don't prevent infection.

The Television Presenter said that it is unfair for governments to focus on the consumption of the vaccines, rather than how these affect and react in people's bodies.

“We've seen people faint and thereafter taking an hour or so to regain their energy, among other risks. In Western Uganda, travelers were being forced to take vaccines and these guys, including drivers, could have gotten dizzy after the vaccine and caused accidents. Did anyone think about that or all they were chasing were the numbers?”

She added, “Different countries have different targets but they look at these more than the lives of people which I think is inhumane. WHO has even cognised booster shots as a non-guarantee for safety!”

Viola reasoned that countries could have started forcing their citizens to take the shots because they realized they weren't working with the only way to get rid of them by practicing forceful vaccination.

The subject in the contest arose from Rwanda’s aggressive vaccination campaign that compelled people to get vaccinated after the country had registered 6 cases of the Omicron variant in December 2021.

The country set up various vaccination points at bus stops, big hospitals, schools and other spots embarking on a tougher vaccination drive.

Reports from a regional newspaper established that the country’s mandates almost made it impossible for the non-vaccinated to access public life in Rwanda which has so far seen 6 million Rwandese vaccinated out of its 12.9 million population.

Fatboy, the show’s Co-host, gave reference to the Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, who announced that the Omicron vaccine would be out in March 2022. He wondered whether governments mandating vaccination will also require their citizens once more get vaccinated against the variant when it's made available. He said,“If that's the case, why not wait for the Omicron vaccine to be available because now it seems like using these is a waste of time.”

Viola, a Covid-19 Delta variant survivor who believes in natural immunity, suggested that people should be left to take natural remedies and given only medically proven advice instead of that which is “politically corrupted.”

“You cannot tell people to get vaccinated three, four, five, six times. It will become ten times and nothing. It's been two years and we need to get on with our lives. Our students in schools are pregnant because of these two years, do we need to do it again? I think we need to move on and see how bodies adapt,” she said.

Fatboy then added that the public initially played its part in abiding by the Covid-19 restrictions and that now, governments have to consider what they have done and how to move on since some measures such as lockdowns can’t be considered long-term measures.

Viola more still expressed dismay over the Covid-19 restrictions such as lockdowns which she felt destroy the life of an ordinary Ugandan whereas those that establish them continue to enjoy theirs normally.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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