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Uganda’s Image Will Be Cleared If UPDF Sticks To Its Mission - Gen. Mugisha Muntu

The former UPDF commander Gen. Mugisha Muntu has warned against UPDF’s involvement in other activities other than eliminating the Allied Democratic Forces terrorists in Congo, warning that the mission could backfire.

In an interview with RX Radio’s Fatboy, the former Army Commander explained that given that this is the second time the UPDF is carrying out operations in Congo, they should use the opportunity to clear up their name instead of adding damage to it.

“The first time, there were a number of officers who lost sight of the mission and strayed into individual missions of looting timber and gold that created a very bad image of the army and the country at large.”

However, he appreciated the fact that now Uganda and Democratic Republic Of Congo have signed an agreement to legalize the UPDF’s operations in the country.

“Now that UPDF is in Congo, it can kill two birds with one stone. If they focus on the mission and ensure maximum discipline to eliminate the ADF, they would not only eliminate them but also clean up their name and that of Uganda,” he said.

In his experience as a commander, Gen. Muntu says that the UPDF has been to many other missions, for example one in Liberia and the AMISOM mission in Somalia. He mentioned how the success of these missions was attributed to the commanders staying focused throughout the entire operation, which he believes can be achieved in Congo as well.

However, Fatboy probed if the attacks on the ADF wouldn't cause backlash on the citizens of Uganda and whether the population was not being put at risk.

In his response, Muntu said; “ Even without the UPDF going to Congo, we are still under attack. So If the UPDF operations against ADF in Congo are successful and they are eliminated at the source, then that would be the best solution and that's what they have to stay focused.”

He added that as a country, there’s a need to put an end to ADF activities but also a need to focus on the internal problems in the country including solving political problems in the nation such as ensuring that the population is not terrorized domestically by the government that claims to be protecting them.

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