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To Succeed In Business, Be Good At Sales - Philip Tumwizere

Account Relationship Manager at Efficiencie Technology Company, Philip Tumwizere has advised entrepreneurs to have skills in sales if they want to succeed in business.

Tumwizere, while appearing on The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman, narrated that his experience working in a number of jobs made him realize one of the most important skills for gaining success in business was being good at sales.

“Everyone who wants to do business should have sales skills, even when you're employed as the CEO, it's a sales job and you should be able to bring in the money. I think everyone who wants to succeed in life should have that skill with them whether in business or employed.”

He added, “Resilience and persistence too, because you're going to fail all the time. I've failed a number of times but you have to wake up everyday and keep pushing on,” he said.

Having been raised by a single mum, he started working at the age of 16, making money to sustain himself throughout high school and university.

At the mere age of 23, Tumwizere was the Head of Operations at Alam group, and had gained the company’s recognition which he decided to leave to explore new experiences to start up his own business. Unfortunately, he failed at this and later joined Red Pepper Publications as a Business Development Executive.

Now working in the digital sector and focusing on the future, he noted that Efficience, a technology company, aimed at developing solutions to empower people and businesses.

One of the software solutions made to help empower schools in this pandemic is the ‘Eddie Plus 360,’ a system made to digitize operations of schools and online classes while partnering with schools to provide this service at a minimal cost.

He commented on how preparing the next generation for the employment world and changing the economy in the country is possible with affordable internet. “I implore the government to help us with internet infrastructure in the country, because looking at the tech jobs and innovations, providing of skills has been slowed by the internet. One, it's very expensive and secondly, it has poor connectivity. So if our government can work on these issues, our youth will have access to information from all over the world and our children won’t be any different from those who graduate from Havard.”

Additionally Tumwizere, inspired by his mum and passionate for advocating for women’s rights, started the Women in Retail Africa initiative. The project, which he started in October 2021, is to empower women to join leadership since they dominate most of the sector yet they have minimal ability to voice out their opinions. In 2022, he said the foundation plans to have retail exhibitions and award outstanding women in retail businesses. as well as promoting them to be leaders in the sector.

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