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To Be A Good Producer, One Need To Be Open To Learning - Gideon Kato, Music Producer

Producer and Journalist Gideon Kato Mutaawe has said that for one to thrive as a music producer, they need to be open to learning new things all the time.

He made the remarks while responding to a question posed by Crystal Newman on the Groove Café.

“First, it is passion, determination, innovativeness, and creativity. A producer should always be open to learning new things and skills. If you get to a point and feel that you know everything concerning production, you are doomed to fail. I have spent 14 years in production and I still feel like I've not achieved even a quarter of what I have to." he emphasized.

He maintained that due to the changing styles in production, producers must be up to date with new trends and ready to welcome constructive criticism to improve.

“It is out of criticism that we learn. If you are in a comfort zone, you will never get challenged. It is out of the challenges that we learn new things. When I started doing production, I focused more on gospel music. When I changed the studio from religious-based to a commercial business, I had to learn new styles such as R&B and Hip hop that I was not doing previously,” he said.

Gideon narrated that he was a singer throughout his school life but realized his passion during his Senior six vacation in 2008 after being contacted to compose songs and train students at his former school, where he made his first album.

Gideon says he was doing music production under St. Stephen’s Studio. He then saved money to start his commercial studio that wasn't limited to religious songs.

Gideon says there's nothing he can do better than producing music. He relates music to medicine.

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