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The Woman King Portrays Gender Confusion Rather Than African History - Pr. Martin Ssempa

Pastor Martin Ssempa has called for the cancellation of The Movie ‘Woman King,’ saying it neither portrays African history nor is based on African fantasy.

“Whenever the world wants to tell our history from Hollywood, they rewrite it in their fantasy. As a person who has been fighting this gender confusion, I have noticed that that is what they are pushing for," Pastor Ssempa alleged.

The woman King is a Hollywood movie set in the 1800s, showing the fierceness and determination of the Agojie, an all-African female unit of warriors willing to do whatever it takes to protect the Kingdom of Dahomey against slave trade.

Pastor Ssempa disagreed with the movie storyline given that historically the Kingdom of Dahomey was known for its role in the slave trade in West Africa between 1600 -1904.

The Kingdom portrayed as heroic in the movie is historically known for having raided and captured neighboring societies off its men, women, and children, selling them as slaves to Europeans in exchange for guns, gunpowder, cowrie shells, tobacco, and alcohol.

“This is not a true story because it turned villains into heroes. It is a tragic situation because due to slavery, most men were decimated, and women formed an army. Here we have women glorying the situation and advocating for equal rights without understanding that men were destroyed,” he asserted.

Pastor Ssempa further claimed that the movie depicted the story of Amazon women who were ancient greek female warriors known for their skills in raiding, archery, strength, and pride. These were attached to lesbian matriarchies and said to have competed and beaten men in physical ability and strength.

“In summary, this movie is ‘men are bad’ especially black men, that they are violent and bad for women and the best thing to do is assert themselves, take the men’s roles and go into lesbianism. Sadly, Hollywood is obsessed with homosexuality and changing gender roles which they are pushing to Africa. This is nothing but a homosexual feminist campaign that is not historical or factual but aimed at driving our women to hate men,” The furious Pastor Ssempa concluded.

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