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The Ugandan Film Industry Will Top East Africa In The Next 3 Years - Raymond Rushabiro

Award-winning actor Raymond Rushabiro has assured Ugandans of several upcoming thrilling local productions that will top the East African Film Industry.

Rushabiro transitioned from theatre to screenplay in 2011. He has since won many accolades, including the best actor in a TV Drama award at The Uganda Fim Festival (UFF) 2022, for his role as Milton in Prestige.

He is also renowned for roles in films such as Nalwawo (2022), The Blind Date (2021), Lailah (2020), and Torture (2017), among many others.

While appearing in an interview with RX Radio’s James Onen, commonly known as Fatboy, Rushabiro, and Brian Mulondo, the local content Manager at Multichoice was proud of the drastic growth of the industry. Thanks to Multichoice for commissioning Uganda's local content that airs on DSTV and GOTV’s Pearl Magic, Pearl Magic Prime, and Maisha Magic.

“We have so much that Ugandans haven’t seen. There are very many people with good stories, very talented actors and actresses. This is just the beginning, and by the look of things, three years from now, Uganda is going to top the rest of East Africa. In just 1 year we have the best shows, compared to the rest of the markets, besides Multichoice can't be spending this much if the content is substandard,”

As a content creator, Mulondo was happy about the progress made by the local film industry.

“Before we commissioned Sanyu and Prestige, you’d find many people who say they don't watch Ugandan content. But now it feels good to have people say that they rush home to watch Prestige or an f a character and people discussing the characters on social media, it is very satisfying,” he admitted.

Brain Mulondo a television presenter that recently joined radio hosting said the zeal to promote local content enabled him to acquire the position of content creation at Multichoice, where he lobbies for funds for Ugandan filmmakers, and producers and improves local content, among others.

He adds that Multichoice has launched new shows such as Gamyuuse, Prestige (season 3), Kyaddala (season 2), and many more.

He also appealed to local content producers to reach out to multichoice for an opportunity for their work to be showcased, improved, and for guidance.

Mulondo noted that Multichoice is expanding its horizons by working with regional film hubs in Northern, Eastern, and Western Uganda to have filmmakers in different parts of the country tell original Ugandan stories.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, and Sarah every weekday from 6 am to 10 am on RX Radio.

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