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The Tourism Industry Has Picked Up So Much In The New Normal- Travel Planner and Consultant

Passionate Travel Planner and Consultant at Enjoy 4 Miles Travel, Susan Kakisizi

has stated that despite the hurdles faced by the tourism industry during the pandemic, it has managed to rise back to the game.

“The tourism industry has picked up so well and we no longer have those problems we used to when people would be like ‘What if I travel and something happens?’ People are travelling because this is a new norm that we are going to be living in and people are embracing it.”

Kakisizi was appearing on The Groove Cafe hosted by Crystal Newman where she revealed that after getting laid off from her former job, she decided to venture into the tourism industry during the 2020 lockdown.

“I told my parents and they asked if I was doing the right thing. They were concerned because at that time the economy was almost shut completely but something pushed me and I knew I had to do it,” she said.

Although she grew up wanting to be a lawyer, Kakisizi said that she grew fond of travelling after numerous trips with her father during her childhood.

Asked about her favourite tourism site in Uganda, the Travel Planner named Murchison Falls while praising the beauty of Uganda as a whole.

“Crystal, Murchison falls just blows your mind away. Listening to the sound of those falls, even merely speaking about it, makes me want to go there right now. It's really a good place and my favourite so far but every national park and tourist site in Uganda is on a different level. Each one of them offers you a different experience,” Kakisizi said.

Part of the tour packages Enjoy 4 Miles Travel provides are festive season trips, holiday trips, customised, honeymoon and group trips that are planned according to the budget of the clients.

“We have budget friendly trips. Travel has been made really affordable these days and people are embracing it which makes us so glad.”

She continued, “Uganda is so beautiful. We are so blessed to have everything that we have from the weather and nature to the wildlife. Amongst African countries, we are really blessed.”

The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman airs every Weekday from 4-5pm on RX Radio.

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