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The Pilgrimage To Namugongo Is Not For Fun But To Encounter God - Fr. Joseph Luzindana

In a phone interview with James Onen, The Fatboy Show presenter on RX Radio, Rev Fr. Joseph Luzindana, the Kampala Archdiocesan Youth Chaplain, stated that the significance of the event is to pray to God and not to drink beer or eat pork.

Father Luzindana explained that pilgrimage is a journey made to a holy place to get blessings, as signified throughout the bible.

He said that some people have already passed their prayers by walking from countries such as; Kenya, Congo, Zimbabwe, and various parts of the country to show their dedication and sacrifice to God.

“The entire Christian life is full of pilgrimage. The Israelites had to make a pilgrimage from Egypt up to the holy land, Elijah was instructed to walk up to mountain Horeb and it took him forty days. So, when we see Christians walking, it's not being funny, these are holy things but people some people don’t see any significance.

He added that God chose places, people, and things to make holy, and they have been designated since the Bible times for example Mount Sinai, Calvary, and now Namugongo which brings together thousands of people.

“We want souls to meet God, it's not just about news, or bytes. Some people only go there to eat pork, others like journalists only go there to get news but don't want to even get this power. That's why it's misinterpreted, abused, and sometimes becomes something else. But I want to urge everyone who can use this day to pray from wherever they are,” he advised.

Further commenting on Jackeline Arinaitwe, 49, the pilgrim who died shortly after arriving at Namugongo shrines, the Reverend Father acknowledged that she died like the martyrs, suffering for the sake of God.

“I wish God could give us such a chance rather than to die a thief, or a homosexual. I wish I could die struggling for his holiness, how beautiful! It is so sad, of course, but for somebody to die for God, to declare them a martyr isn't my duty but to me, I'm sure she’s in heaven with the martyrs because they, also, decided to suffer because of the right thing.” Fr. Luzindana said.

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