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The Community Should Learn To Speak Against Child Torture - Elon Kihumulo, Family Therapist

As the Luwero child torture video continues to circulate and stir debate among citizens, family therapist and Founder of Family Comfort Foundation Elon Kihumulo says it's high time the community converges to fight against incidences of child and other forms of domestic abuse.

In a phone interview with Olive Najjuma on The Fatboy Show, Kihumulo appreciated the neighbor who captured the video in which the 22-year-old Dorothy Nabulime mercilessly battered her child with a slipper but blamed the person for taking no action.

According to residents, Nabulime was fond of torturing her 2- year old child quite often but no official statement from the police had ever been recorded.

“This is a joint problem. The community has to stand against such vices because if something is wrong, it is wrong. Why should we wait for something worse to happen and then regret that we could have done something?” she asked.

"The person who recorded it did it for too long. Although we appreciate the evidence, we all have to be vigilant, psychosocial support is all we need,” she continued.

Elon added that the Covid 19 pandemic intensified the torture cases where young girls gave birth to children they were not ready to have.

“The nation needs to realize that we are in a crisis and we need to build a joint support system. If there are hurting parents, there are hurting children. Those children transfer their anger to others while playing. So we will have a cycle of violence without providing psychosocial support,” she explained.

She went on that the mother of the abused child also needs psychosocial help given the fact that she has 3 children at the age of 22 and is a single mum.

According to her, Nabulime does not own her life otherwise she would not have had 2 two more kids after her first, and believed that she had the other two from two different men, insisting that she does not control her own life.

She advised parents to be more vigilant when handling their sexual lives so as not to have children they are not ready for Elon asked the public to raise awareness of girls owning their lives, having visions for their lives, and using family planning methods.

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