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‘Sevo’ Probably Plans To Instill His Party’s Ideologies In Tanzania - Daniel Omara

After President Museveni invested Ugxs5.6 billion in building a school in Tanzania, there has been public outrage for “feeding the neighbours kids before his own.”

On RX Radio’s Hear Me Out show with Daniel Omara, the comedian exemplified the President as a sugar daddy who has an economically independent sidechick, but goes ahead to invest in her including constructing her a house while his wife and kids back home are starving and sleeping in a rented house.

“Sevo is now the ultimate sugar daddy and at international level, my goodness! We’re being the neglected family in this case and Tanzania is the beautiful young girl that he is trying to take care of, which weirdly I think is the older woman because Tanzania got independence before us,” he joked.

Daniel went on to say that Tanzania is a country doing better than Uganda, arguing that the President’s construction of three schools in the country might not be about honoring his promises as claimed, but as a move intended to create a legacy for himself in the country.

“I understand him thanking people of the area for contributing to the support of the liberation movement, but I also think he wants to build a legacy and it has little to do with education but more about the whole celebration of liberation.”

He added, “A lot of you might be wondering why he’s not building it in his own country. Well I think his time for that is up, and he knows it. He knows that his image has been tainted too much in Uganda because this is where the screw-ups have been. Building his legacy here wouldn't be a good idea because we are never going to look past his actions and the things that have happened in the last couple of years.”

Moreso, Daniel acknowledged the President for being a genius, saying that he might be investing in pre-primary and primary institutions to instill his party’s ideologies since the school would be open to accepting them.

“Schools are places where we send our children to amass knowledge and here’s what I am thinking- If I am in charge of a school, I'd be able to control the teachings because after building a school, it's unlikely that they will reject your opinions. This is why I think it's a genius plan to keep his legacy going!”

He added, “The impact of early childhood education is very important, and is the best time to put ideas in kid’s heads that they will never forget,” he added.

Daniel also alleged that the President might be using this chance to create diplomatic relations with his neighbour as part of his retirement plan.

“I think this is a retirement plan because it's hard to retire in a landlocked country without a seashore. Most lakefront property at Lake Victoria smells like fish and I don't think this would be a retirement plan for Museveni because he seems bougie and he is out of touch with omuntu wa wansi’s issues. Given that his international image is not the best, the best option for retirement would be in Africa which again, I think is a smart move.”

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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