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Sarah: Women Who Cover Up For Their Abusive Husbands Are Worse Than Them

The Fatboy Show presenter Sarah Apollo explained that women who cover for their men in criminal acts are even worse than the criminals.

She made the statements while discussing a bizarre post on Facebook where a woman within a Nigerian mum’s group requested for advice from users after her 15 year old daughter had been defiled by her husband.

Olive Najjuma, the Show co-host who brought up the subject, recalled that a number of women advised their fellow to save her marriage and gauge ways of relocating their daughter away from her home and prevent her marriage from further deterioration.

Sarah believed that if it wasn’t for clout, then mother seeking for help on social media would be outrightly illogical.

“How do you go to Facebook to seek help because your husband raped your 15 year old daughter? It's very unfortunate that in all black and brown communities around the world young girls are groomed to be wives and the epitome of your success is placed on your marriage status (if you have a husband),”Sarah said.

“The women who cover up for these men are worse than these men who actually commit the crime,” she continued.

Olive in agreement said that as a mother, the first instinct for one is to make sure that their children are safe but surprisingly most of them cover up for their abusive husbands even when they molest their children.

Olive conveyed that when a child confides in their mother about being abused by their father and the mum does not react, she is equally evil and creates detestestation that the child holds towards both parents forever.

Sarah and Olive urged parents to be protectors of their girl children and remind them that they don't have to be rooted in marriage to have an identity in society.

“Society needs to have more open conversations about sex and self worth. Am not speaking against marriage. Marriage is a very beautiful thing if you have a beautiful partner who looks out for you and your kids but what I absolutely condemn is when women with these unworthy men (abusers) on a pedestal are put above them and their children yet the man is not protecting or serving you as he should” she said.

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