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Sarah: What Is The 600 Billion For If People Are To Carry Their Own Food To Namugongo Shrines

On Thursday last week, Parliament approved a supplementary budget of 617.97 billion shillings to facilitate the Martyrs day celebrations on June 3rd, classified expenditures and for the operations of the UPDF in Congo against the ADF.

The Uganda Episcopal Conference under the leadership of Fr. Charles Oyo selected Fort Portal Catholic Diocese as the chief organizer of the Martyrs day event on June 3rd.

He issued guidelines like permitting only people over 16 years old to walk as long as they are in good health and also encouraged the pilgrims to carry their own personal utilities such as soap, toothpaste, food, drinks and money.

Sarah Apollo, The Fatboy Show presenter in amazement said “And you wonder where they are going to put 600 billion shillings when they are telling people to come with their own food and water. They also told them that they are going to take care of themselves before, during and after the pilgrimage. So what's 600 billion shillings for?”

James Onen aka Fatboy, additionally advised pilgrims to be careful with the transportation means they are to use, especially if they are to travel by bus.

“If you are going to be traveling by bus, I don't know if you should be using Link buses. You know about the terrible accident that happened the other day in which about 20 people lost their lives and just the other day passengers traveling via the same bus company were put at gunpoint and robbed of all their belongings on the Mityana highway from fort portal,” he said .

“This incident came two days after another Link bus caught fire at Wakaliga traffic lights,” Fatboy reminded travelers.

Fatboy further proposed that considering what's happening with the Link Bus company, pilgrims that had intended to use the services of the company and are now fearful should walk as its the point of the celebrations.

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