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Sarah: People Have Awful Sex Lives Due To Lack Of Honest Conversations About It

Intimacy in a relationship is so important. In fact, many people think of it as the most important aspect of a relationship. But what if your partner is terrible in bed and you want to tell them without sounding offensive?

Today on The Fatboy Show, while asking the question of how to tell your partner that their bedroom game is horrible minus killing their ego, RX Radio presenter Sarah Apollo explained that it is important for couples to have candid conversations with each other if they are to have satisfactory lovemaking.

“First of all, the reason why people have awful sex lives is because they are not having honest conversations about it. It's very important to have someone who you are compatible with in the bedroom. The thing about women is that they never talk. I actually know women of my age that have never arrived and they think that’s how it's supposed to be,” said Sarah.

“But for me, I would do it by telling the person. Give them the password and none of you will have to waste time going around in circles,” she added.

Sarah also advised that sexting and flirting before the actual event is equally important and effectual for good sex.

However, James Onen,aka Fatboy, the co-host of the Show, asked Sarah what she would do if her partner had all the good qualities such as, being reliable, trustworthy, faithful, wealthy, generous towards his lover and her family but when the sex is dead and yet telling him about it like some guys would ruin his ego.

“Then if he’s egotistic and he’s not going to have an honest conversation and take your satisfaction seriously, what are you doing with this person? Sometimes you don't have to speak. Sometimes, you could just direct him with your hands. Like no, here, there,” Sarah explained.

Based on her research, she mentioned having gotten 4tips from relationship therapists on how one can properly speak up without upsetting their significant other.

“Number one, start with the positive (compliments) and then make your request. Two, don't overwhelm them with requests, start with the little ones step by step. Three, don't start the conversation right before or after getting into bed. Four, give constructive criticism, don't be down on his self esteem,” she said.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive and Sarah every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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