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Sarah: I’d Never Post Pictures Of My Partner

In a discussion on how long one should wait before posting pictures of their significant other while in a relationship, The Fatboy Show host Sarah Apollo advised couples not to do it.

She explained that although dating experts assert that it should be between 6 weeks to 2 months, she would rather not post the pictures at all.

“When you open up that part of your life to people on the internet, they are going to find a way to ruin it. You'll have his exes stalking you and inboxing you. Then you are going to find other admirers and women that are curious about him. Just don't do it, like all good things should just remain a secret,” she stressed.

Similarly, her co-host James Onen alias Fatboy, said that he is among the people who would rather not post their significant others. But he confessed doing it once when his ex-girlfriend treated him to a nice eatery on his birthday. However, when the relationship ended, friends on his socials kept on asking him about her and he consequently had to explain that they broke up.

“Obviously you have people asking ‘how’s she’, ‘what happened?’ and you have to keep explaining. And I think that's the most annoying thing about posting relationships publicly. It's that people start keeping track of your love life and it becomes their business,” he remarked.

Sarah in addition acknowledged that sometimes people may post their lovers for validation or to establish boundaries on them but even then maintained her stance.

“It's ridiculous but I'm for not posting about a relationship, don't post me, I won't post you. I don't even post about my siblings. It doesn't matter whether we've been together for 5 or 20 years,” she insisted.

But Fatboy opined that this might make men on her social media assume she’s single and thus flock her DMs with sweet words. But Sarah replied that she would clarify that she is unavailable.

Besides, she pictured that her significant other could resemble another person’s lover, so to avoid such sticky situations she would prefer keeping it secret.

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