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RX Radio’s Olive: Why can’t we have a peaceful demonstration in Uganda?

RX Radio presenter Olive Najjuma has said Ugandans cannot enjoy their right to have a peaceful demonstration in the current political environment.

Olive said that despite that right being provided for in the constitution of Uganda, it is almost inapplicable due dirty politics and the unprofessional behavior of most security agencies.

“First of all, there are some unscrupulous individuals that will always take advantage of peaceful demonstrations for selfish reasons. They want to cause chaos so that they use it as excuse to beat, shoot and even kill people.

There are some unconfirmed allegations that some of these individuals are planted by government so that the police have justification to disperse demonstrations using any means they deem fit,” Olive said during the Wednesday fatboy show.

She added; “Also considering how the security forces have been handling demonstrators, I don’t think they would allow people to demonstrate even if they were peaceful. Somehow, police and military shows in a way that worsens the situation. Before we know it, lives are lost and in great numbers!”

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