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RX Radio’s Olive: We are letting police off too easy on false arrests

RX Radio Presenter, Olive Najjuma has said it is the role of the general public to hold police and other security organs accountable for their actions especially arrests based on false charges.

Referring to a previous case where the former Presidential aspirant Robert Kyagulanyi was arrested in Arua and charged with possession of military arsenal, which charges were later dismissed by the court, Olive said that in such cases, the police should be able to explain the basis of allegations and what happens after their dismissal.

“They staged a number of guns which allegedly belonged to Bobi Wine, charged him with treason but later claimed that they had no conclusive evidence to prosecute him on those charges. So, what happened to the guns? Where did they come from? If they were planted as alleged, who planted them and for what reason? Ugandans should be interested in knowing the details of such cases,” she said during Wednesday’s The Fatboy Show.

Olive added that Ugandans let security agencies off easy when they jump onto the next event and forget about these allegations. “A treason charge is huge, even after being dismissed, would it be too much to demand for an explanation regarding the source of the guns and the charges brought against the culprits, if any?” Olive wondered.

Her Co-host James Onen a.k.a Fatboy said that even the victims of such cases should be able to sue the police for false arrests and false criminal allegations.

Just yesterday, Army Court further remanded National Unity Party (NUP) supporters including Bobi Wine’s close allies Eddy Mutwe and Nubian Li on accusations of passion of fire ammunitions.

“I expected Bobi Wine to pursue this case. He was accused of possessing a number of guns, brutally arrested and detained for a number of days and the moment government gave up on the case, he also went back to his normal life. This wasn’t a normal situation, if he had placed charges on the police officers that allegedly planted evidence on him, may be his colleagues wouldn’t be suffering with the same accusations now,” Fatboy said.

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