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RX Radio’s Olive: There are no genuine NRM Youth supporters

RX Radio presenter Olive Najjuma has termed the youthful supporters of Uganda’s current ruling party, National Resistant Movement (NRM), as self-seeking, self -promoting individual that only support the government for the individual benefits they are getting.

According to Olive, most of the young supporters close to the president truly support the ideas and policies of the NRM government but because they want to continue benefiting from it, they go ahead to praise the government ignoring the mistakes that it makes.

“For the old supporters, I believe those believe in the NRM ideology but I have yet to meet young NRM supporters that genuinely believe in and love this government. Majority pledge allegiance because the government literally butters their bread,” she said during Tuesday’s the Fatboy Show adding that if circumstances changed, majority would be switching goal posts to the next highest bidder.

Her co-host James Onen aka Fatboy noted that although it was a fact that most young NRM supporters were in it for their own selfish gains, they at least recognise the mistakes that their party makes unlike the National Platform Party supporters that are against any constructive criticism of their leaders.

“The NRM supporters I have talked to agree that government is not perfect. The only point they insist on is that President Museveni and the NRM Party is still the best choice to rule the country in comparison to the opposition leaders that are available. The Bobi Wine supporters are just blinded by the love they have for him and would never allow anyone to criticise him even if he did something wrong,” Fatboy said.

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