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RX Radio’s Olive: Some of Erias Lukwango’s policies are affecting Kampala City

RX Radio Presenter Olive Najjuma has criticised the Kampala Capital City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago for continuously encouraging vendors/ hawkers to stay on the streets saying it contributes to the chaos, dirtiness and disorganisation in Kampala City!

It comes after Everest Kayondo the chairman KACITA (Kampala City Traders Association) on Wednesday told RX Radio that they had been in talks with KCCA leaders to sort out the issue of street vendors, but the Lord Mayor had adamantly told them off that he will never support the idea of pushing traders off the streets.

According to Olive, street vendors are partly the reason why there is a lot of congestion and rubbish on the city’s streets and as leader, Lord Mayor Lukwago should be supporting policies that move the city forward although it might mean losing political support from some people.

“Not only are street vendors causing traders in buildings losses, they are also contributing to the littering, disorganisation and the general chaos on the streets. If we are to go by the KACITA chairperson’s submission that the Lord Mayor keeps encouraging these people for selfish political reasons, then it’s sad. If we want to have an organised city, we must make some sacrifices,” She said during Thursday’s The Fatboy Show.

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