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RX Radio’s Olive: President Museveni wasn’t sincere about Kidnapped Ugandans

The president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Saturday made a national address to post election issues and the state of the nation. During the address, the president said he was aware about a security issue where some Ugandans had been abducted by security bodies in ‘drones’.

The President promised that he would look into the matter and ensure that every Ugandan is accounted for.

According to Rx radio Presenter Olive Najjuma, the promise by the president to have every kidnapped Ugandan accounted for sounded vague and will possibly not be fulfilled.

“It is possible that he just says some of those things to impress but I don’t believe he will take any action. After all, during the same address, he referred to most of the kidnapped Ugandans as domestic terrorists which sounds very convenient given the times.” Olive said.

Olive added that sometimes the President says things that make him look bad. He is however correct about some issues like the interference by foreign powers in Uganda’s issues. Western powers are mainly interested in our politics to push their own agenda!

Her Co-host James Onen a.k.a Fatboy said, “the president also boosted about having Somali troops that are trained to handle troops in Kampala during the election. Isn’t that like portraying Uganda as a very insecure country?” Fatboy asked.

“The president was however right when he said the EU Parliament proposed sanctions on some government officials will not affect them at all. What I know is they are just backing dogs. Museveni knows who to please and so he knows all those threats will not be implemented,” Fatboy said.

He added; “The only disappointment from that address was the failure to open bars. If the President opened bars irght now, I would probably vote for him in the next election,” he said.

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