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RX Radio’s Olive: People get tired of leaders that overstay in power no matter how good they are

RX Radio Presenter Olive Najjuma has said its only human that citizens would demand for new leaders in spite of whether the leader is performing well or not.

Olive together with her co-host James Onen aka Fatboy were discussing the latest political development in Libya. According to the UN envoy, the country is witnessing the first ray of hope following years of civil war following the over through and killing of the country’s long standing President  Muammar Gaddafi. A new government, The Government of National Unity (GNU) has been reinstated.

“In case of Libya, Gaddafi was a good leader that was admired by other African countries. The citizens were catered for, given free housing, water, electricity etc and yet they felt dissatisfied with having the same leader. I think change is the only constant factor of life. This should be a lesson to African leaders, if you love your country, do your best in a short time and give a change to other people so that the country can move forward," she said.

Fatboy urged African countries to be mindful of interference from the Western Countries as they try to overthrow a government as such interference normally ends in destruction and usually does not achieved the purpose of the revolution.

“Libya was the pride of Africa, it was a developed country and they were free services but because some people wanted democracy, America under Barack Obama and his allies came in and helped Libyans to shatter their country down. The situation in Libya is pitiful. I wish leaders could also learn from such events and not overstay in power,” Fatboy said.

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