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RX Radio’s Olive: NUP Petition looked better on social media than in Courts

RX Radio’s Olive Najjuma has blamed the withdraw of the election petition by National Unity Party President and former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi from the Supreme Court on lack of proper preparation from his own team.

Robert Kyagulanyi through his lawyers had filed a petition in the supreme court to challenge the 2021 general election results where he lost to the incumbent President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

He however later ordered his team to withdraw the case over claims of partiality on the part of the courts in favour of the defendant. He also blamed the court for denying him an opportunity to amend his petition and add in more affidavits.

“I may say, Bobi Wine’s team was disorganised from the start. They had allegedly added forged affidavits to their evidence. They also seemed ill prepared, more like they remembered last minute that they had a petition to defend! There is no way such a case would stand a chance in courts of law. They only seemed strong while speaking to the media but in court, their case would have been rubbished. When he told the media that he intended to withdraw the petition, one of the lawyers was on record saying he hadn’t received any such instructions. It seems like Kyagulanyi has also been a difficult client, discussing the case in public before talking to his lawyers. May be that’s why the chief justice was very annoyed,” She said.

His co-host James Onen aka Fatboy said that the petition was mainly to give accountability to the donors and of course keep relevant in public.

“I think the lawyers achieved their purpose, in the eyes of the public, the donors and of course the NUP supporters, these lawyers did their job,” Fatboy said.

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