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RX Radio’s Olive: Men who rape children should be castrated

RX Radio Presenter Olive Najjuma has said men that rape children should be castrated as punishment so that they are never able to sexually perform again.

Olive, while on Friday’s The Fatboy Show with her co-host James Onen aka Fatboy noted that as much as she does not support the death sentence as punishment for a crime, some heinous crimes deserve the worst punishment like Men that rape children, people that kill others after torturing them among others.

“I feel like giving a death penalty to such a person is giving them an easy way out. They need to be given punishments that they will live to regret all their lives. For men that rape children, they deserve to be castrated so they are rendered sexually useless for the rest of their lives. On death penalty, I believe serving life in prison with hard labour is a much better sentence than death. How will one regret their actions when they are dead?” She asked.

Fatboy noted that as a person, he supports the death sentence because some criminals do not deserve to live. On the issue of castrating men that rape children, Fatboy supported the notion and noted that it is already being practiced in some countries although it’s not done physically but chemically.

“There are chemicals that they keep inserting in you until you are no longer able to perform. I think such people deserve that,” Fatboy said.

The two were discussing the recent abolition of the death sentence in US state of Virginia. Uganda is one of the countries that uphold the Death Penalty but no such sentence has been implemented by the current government since President Museveni is on record saying, it’s against his Christian beliefs.

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