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RX Radio’s Olive: Keeping in touch with your EX while in another relationship is just wrong

RX Radio presenter has advised lovers to learn to move on from their ex-lovers when they get into new relationships otherwise, they risk losing both people.

While on Monday’s The Fatboy Show, Olive noted that some men and women continue to socialise with their ex-lovers to the extent of having sex even after they are in a new-relationships which doesn’t make sense.

Olive and her co-host James Onen aka Fatboy were discussing comments by a Kenyan pastor who made the same comments and discouraged lovers from even talking to their Ex-lovers.

“I agree with him. You have moved on and found a new lover and yet you want to risk losing the new person over someone that you left without being forced. That is just stupid,” she said.

Fatboy on his part noted that it’s rude and unfair to completely ignore an ex-lover especially if the break-up was one sided.

“I can’t imagine me ghosting a previous partner especially if I know they were still very emotionally attached to me. Talking to them and giving them help when they need it even after we have broken up is one way of helping them to move on. Just pretending like that person doesn’t exist is hypocritical and just unfair,” he said.

He added, “Still, I would advise that you keep in touch in a modest manner so that you don’t give the ex-partner the wrong impression that you might want them back. Do not have sexual relations with them”.

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