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RX Radio’s Olive: It is okay for men to cry

RX Radio Presenter Olive Najjuma has said the stereotypes that society impose on men like the fact that men are not supposed to be emotional or cry or get weak are the reasons why there is increased cases of domestic violence in Uganda.

Olive, who is a co-host of The Fatboy show said that because men do not always express their emotions, when they snap, it can sometimes be fatal.

Olive was referreing to an incident where Tonny Kasibanti, a resident of Masaja Kibila Zone Sabagabo Division in Wakiso District killed his wife Mildred Kansiime from their home over going to the shop at 10:00pm.

“I believe women are better at handling their emotions because they often express them. We are allowed to be angry at one minute, be sad, cry and very happy the next minute. Being able to express ourselves helps us to stay emotionally grounded. Contrary to women, men try to stay calm and not show emotions and when things get out of hand, they snap and end up battering or even murdering their loved ones,” she lived on Thursday’s The Fatboy show.

Olive added: “I want men to know that it is okay for a man to cry and/or be emotional. You don’t have to do it in public but you can go to your bedroom or the shower. Crying is a good way to relive your emotions, it makes you feel vulnerable but in a good way,” she said.

Her co-host James Onen aka Fatboy agreed that most men find it hard to express themselves and end up snapping when they feel cornered.

“In most cases when a man kills a woman, its not out of the blue, there are a lot of incidents that keep happening and if the couple does not receive some counselling to find a solution, one of the partners may emotionally break at some point and kill the other. It is often men that lose it mentally because they keep their emotions tucked inside for so long,” he said.

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